Knife crime, FGM and dangerous driving are under the spotlight at this month’s police scrutiny meeting


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, will question Deputy Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney about the Force’s crime statistics, the handling of information and allegations into sexual abuse and the public’s concern about speeding at this month’s Performance & Accountability Meeting (PAM).

WHEN: Friday 31 July, 11am-1pm

WHERE: Watch live online or catch up in the archive:

Commenting ahead of the meeting Mrs Bourne said: “According to crime figures recently published by the Office for National Statistics recorded crime in Sussex has increased by 8% and offences around violence against a person by 45%. I will be asking the Deputy Chief Constable what she attributes these increases to and what assurances he can provide to Sussex residents. I am particularly concerned that crimes involving knives have increased by 32% in comparison to 2014 and 81% in comparison to 2013. On behalf of the public I want to understand the reasons for this increase.

“The Serious Crime Act which came into effect in March 2015 has strengthened the law to tackle Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by introducing a mandated duty on healthcare professionals, teachers and social care workers, to notify the police regarding cases of FGM carried out on girls under 18. I will be asking for an update from Sussex Police on how they are ensuring that they are receiving this information from partners and what operational activity is happening as a result.

“Road safety is a huge concern for Sussex residents, particularly for those living in the more rural parts of the county. Recent results from the National Rural Crime Survey highlighted that 63% of all respondents felt that speeding and dangerous driving through rural towns and villages went largely unchallenged. A further 31% emphasised that speeding was a really big issue in their area. I want to know how Sussex Police is addressing the issue of speeding and dangerous driving in the county’s rural locations. I will also be asking about the impact of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and their involvement with Community Speed Watch.”

Other topics on the agenda at the July PAM include an update on the Local Policing Programme and the impact it will have on residents, HMIC report on how police forces collect, process and share information as well as an update on the ongoing investment in police buildings to ensure they are fit for purpose.

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