PCC ensures Community Safety Partnership funding is fair and reflects local needs


Following an eight month consultation with all the Sussex Community Safety Partnerships, (CSPs), Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, announced this week that she intends to re-balance the allocation of funds for CSPs, whilst maintaining the total county-wide investment at the same levels they have been for the past six years.

"We have had detailed conversations and exchanges with our CSP colleagues to understand their financial position and commitments. It became apparent the distribution of funds no longer matched demographic factors or overall funding that some CSPs were able to access, including their available reserves. It is only fair to taxpayers and also to the communities that each CSP is there to help, that funding more closely follows population and crime over the past four years (per 1000 head of population).

"In order to get some more effective and lasting impact in key areas, we are also proposing to hold back some of the funding to support pan-Sussex initiatives to tackle anti-social behaviour for example, and we would be able to support centrally commissioned projects to ensure quality and better value, drawing on our recognised experience of our developing and managing commissioning frameworks.

"Our collective approach to Pan-Sussex Commissioning will be developed over the coming year, and will commence in 2019/20 when the new funding formula will also be applied.

"I assured CSPs they would have the opportunity to check that the figures they supplied to the review were accurate, and I have also assured them funding for the coming year will be the same.

"I am very mindful to provide much needed continuity for community safety partnerships, so we will be moving to a two year funding commitment next year."

An executive summary of the review which shows exactly how much each CSP has received, their level of reserves and the proposed re-allocation can be seen here

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