Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner

All PCCs employ staff to assist them in carrying out their role. In Sussex, this support is provided to the PCC by the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (OSPCC).

These staff are politically restricted and support any elected PCC, regardless of their party or independent status, similar to a Government department or local council support office. It is up to a PCC to determine the scope and size of the support staff locally.

The PCC is legally obliged to have two statutory officers amongst their staff: Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer.

Support staff within the OSPCC may be required to assist the PCC with strategic planning, financial management, independent performance analysis, victim service commissioning, communications, consultation and engagement, partnership working, correspondence and complaints, governance, office management and administration and running an Independent Custody Visiting scheme.

The level and structure of staff varies across England and Wales according to local PCC priorities. Staffing levels range from 10 staff in smaller police force areas to over 100 staff in the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.

PCCs may choose to employ a Deputy PCC to help them in their duties. The Deputy PCC would be a member of the PCC’s support staff, although unlike other staff working for the PCC, he or she would not be politically restricted and does not have to be appointed on merit. The PCC can determine the salary and any other remuneration that is paid to the Deputy PCC. The appointment of any Deputy PCC remains subject to a public confirmation hearing by the Police & Crime Panel.

Some PCCs also have other Assistant PCCs and/or advisors, although any such posts are politically restricted and are required to follow recruitment processes.

Further details about the current staffing structure of the OSPCC can be viewed here.