Police & Crime Panel

PCCs are held to account by a Police and Crime Panel (PCP).

There is a PCP for each police force area. The role of the PCP is set out in the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011 and the Policing Protocol.

In Sussex, West Sussex County Council is responsible for administering the PCP. The PCP is made up of representatives from each of the local authorities in the policing area (county, unitary, district and borough). The PCP operates as a formal joint committee of the constituent authorities and each council in the force area is expected to nominate a member to the PCP (15 in Sussex). There is also a requirement to co-opt a minimum of two independent members who cannot be councillors.

Additional places can be allocated too, providing that the number of panel members does not exceed 18. These places are reviewed at the annual meeting of the PCP each year.

The PCP meets four times a year and each of the meetings are webcast.

Further information about the Sussex Police & Crime Panel can be viewed here.