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The Police & Crime Commissioner has approved the Treasury Management Mid-Year Report 2017/18.

The CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) Code of Practice for Treasury Management recommends that those charged with governance and scrutiny receive regular updates on treasury management activity. The report presents the performance up to and including 31 October 2017.

The Treasury Management Statement can be found here.

You can view the decision notice here.

The Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) approves the the Lead Commissioner (Brighton & Hove City Council) recommendation to extend the Portal contract for an additional 6 months, bringing the contract end to March 2019. In supporting this recommendation, the PCC would approve the additional funding required to ensure the extended period of service delivery could be maintained. 

You can view the decision notice here.

The Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) has approved  to aware the total sum of £77,242 for the four successful projects of the Victim Services Funding - Hate Crime tranche.

You can view the decision notice here.

The Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) has approved an agreement for Public-i to provide webcasting services for 36 months from 30 June 2017. These services will be used to broadcast the monthly Performance & Accountability meetings between the PCC and the Chief Constable. This is in order that they can be viewed by members of the public, partners and the media and form an important part of the PCC's transparency agenda.

One supplier provided a quotation within the timescales required, with information being sought as to why the other supplier did not provide a quote in order to review for future learning.

The quotation was reviewed independently by OSPCC Officers before coming together to review the quotation and was deemed to meet the needs set by the OSPCC.

You can view the decision notice here.

The Police & Crime Commissioner approved a recommendation to reallocate £15m of earmarked reserves for use by the Chief Constable.

In accordance with good practice, the Chief Finance Officer for the PCC in association with the Director of Finance of Sussex Police have undertaken to review the group balance sheets. The review has been split into phases with the first phase looking at the necessity and adequacy of the balances held as earmarked reserves.

The review report concluded and recommended that £15m of earmarked reserves can be reallocated and has identified how those resources combined with a further £2m totalling £17m could be used by the Chief Constable to help the management of change through the Local Policing transformation Programme and mitigate the impact of the immediate reductions in officer numbers that would have been required to balance the budget over the four years of the MTFS.

Agreement to release specific tranches of the reserve to the Chief Constable between now and April 2020 would be done so through consideration of reports at the monthly financial accountability meetings between the force and the PCC. Any allocations from the reserve approved as a result of this ‘check and release’ process would be made on a quarterly basis.

To view the decision notice please click here.

The Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) has approved a revision to the Medium Term Financial Strategy 2017/18 – 2020/21.

The MTFS sets out the key financial issues facing the Police and Crime Commissioner over the period 2017/18 to 2020/21, and provides options for delivering a sustainable budget and capital programme over the medium term. It also sets out how the Commissioner can provide the Chief Constable with the resources to deliver the priorities in the Police and Crime Plan. The MTFS sets the financial context for the Commissioner’s revenue budget, capital programme and precept decisions.

The MTFS is updated during the year and this is the September 2017 update.

A copy of the Medium Term Financial Strategy decision notice can be found here.

The latest revised MTFS can be found here.

The Police & Crime Commissioner has approved a decision to undertake a lease at Selsey Town hall and for alterations to make it suitable for Police use.

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