REBOOT is now run by Sussex Police and you can find up to date information about the programme on the force website. For information about the first year of the programme and the impact report please read on. 

It was estimated that the programme would see 20-30 referrals a month, around 250-350 per year.

Instead, in its first year REBOOT received over 1,000 referrals of young people into the programme, exceeding initial anticipated demand by 300%. Of the 938 young people who engaged, most exited the programme at Stage 1, with 30% progressing to the coaching offer at Stage 2.

82% of young people continued to be monitored for a period of time and were subsequently assessed as no longer at risk. Seven out of ten young people said that REBOOT had a positive impact on helping them achieve their personal goals, and one parent commented that "for the first time the strengths of my son have been recognised and someone has worked with him to set goals and encourage him to focus on all his passions. He is now back on track, not getting in trouble and the future is his to grab."

You can find more in depth information about the programme's first year in the REBOOT Impact Report